Vultr VPS Discount – Get Free $50 for new account latest in 2017

Vultr VPS Discount – Get Free $50 for new account latest

Vultr VPS Discount – Get Free $50 for new account latest in 2016. So this is the latest discount from Vultr, they offer event deal continuously. In the previous post, I introduced they gave the discount 20% VPS server for a new account here, maybe that event is still active now. For now, the discount is much bigger, free $50 credit for a new account, this $50 is valid in 2 months using

Vultr VPS Discount free $50 for new account latest 2016

As you know, Vultr is now becoming one of the largest VPS Server provider on the world with 14 locations worldwide. All Vultr VPS system and data center are now using latest generation Intel Chipset with maximum RAM deploy up to 64GB and 24 CPU Cores and 10Gbps Network Port Speed.

So let’s try now!

or you can go directly here Try Vultr Free

This event applied only for new accounts, so you must register a new one to use. With this $50 credit free, you can use for 60 days, after 60 days, you need to add fund in other to remain the service (just $5/month for cheapest VPS packages)

Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2) plans

Vultr Storage CPU Memory Bandwidth Price
10 GB SSD 1 CPU 512 MB 0.5 TB $2.50/mo
10 GB SSD 1 CPU 512 MB 0.5 TB $3.50/mo
25 GB SSD 1 CPU 1024 MB 1 TB $5/mo
40 GB 55 GB SSD 1 CPU 2 GB 2 TB $10/mo
60 GB 80 GB SSD 2 CPU 4 GB 3 TB $20/mo
100 GB 160 GB SSD 4 CPU 8 GB 4 TB $40/mo
200 GB 320 GB SSD 6 CPU 16 GB 5 TB $80/mo
300 GB 640 GB SSD 8 CPU 32 GB 6 TB $160/mo
400 GB 1280 GB SSD 16 CPU 64 GB 10 TB $320/mo
800 GB 1600 GB SSD 24 CPU 96 GB 15 TB $640/mo

Vultr VPS Discount Features

Resilient Infrastructure

100% SSD Storage

Combine 100% SSD storage with our low latency worldwide network to deploy virtual machines with similar or greater performance than legacy bare-metal at a significantly lower cost!

Ultra Fast Intel Cores

Vultr utilizes the latest gen 100% Intel CPUs and never over provisions them. You can count on consistent CPU performance at all times, in ALL of our datacenters.

14 Low Latency Locations

As soon as your order is placed, our deployment system takes over and spins up your instance in your desired datacenter – typically within 60 seconds.

Don’t know the expired time. So please hurry up if you want to use the high-quality VPS services ever!

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Good luck to you!

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