Vultr coupons – Get Free $27 for new account latest in 2016

Vultr coupons – Get Free $27 for new account latest in 2016

Vultr coupons – Get free $27 for new account latest in 2016. In order to celebrate the new VPS Data Center location at Los Angeles, Vultr offers the new VPS coupons for new users who want to try new quality VPS services at Vultr.

This new location Los Angeles is used for Storage VPS with high capacity

Currently, Vultr has 3 VPS series below

  • Performance Series: This is a common series for almost users, focus on efficiency by using SSD driver with high-performance CPU, this series has 14 location worldwide
  • Storage Series: This is optimized for storage purpose with huge SATA drivers, they have 2 location: New Jersey and one added Los Angeles
  • Multi-core Series: This is used for a larger system that needs several server resources, CPU and RAM

Vultr Locations coupon code

Currently, Vultr is offering a new Vultr coupon code that gives you $27 free VPS using in 30 days. So if you want to try these quality services here, you can try:

– Get Free $27 using VPS

This coupon is valid only for 30 days after you use the coupon. So act fast to get yours now!

Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2) plans

Vultr Storage CPU Memory Bandwidth Price
10 GB SSD 1 CPU 512 MB 0.5 TB $2.50/mo
10 GB SSD 1 CPU 512 MB 0.5 TB $3.50/mo
25 GB SSD 1 CPU 1024 MB 1 TB $5/mo
40 GB 55 GB SSD 1 CPU 2 GB 2 TB $10/mo
60 GB 80 GB SSD 2 CPU 4 GB 3 TB $20/mo
100 GB 160 GB SSD 4 CPU 8 GB 4 TB $40/mo
200 GB 320 GB SSD 6 CPU 16 GB 5 TB $80/mo
300 GB 640 GB SSD 8 CPU 32 GB 6 TB $160/mo
400 GB 1280 GB SSD 16 CPU 64 GB 10 TB $320/mo
800 GB 1600 GB SSD 24 CPU 96 GB 15 TB $640/mo

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Good luck to you!

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