How To Choose The Perfect Diamond?

How To Choose The Perfect Diamond?

How To Choose The Perfect Diamond? Diamond is the precious jewelry that every woman wishes to have and probably integral to couples for their most important decisions.

Buying such a perfect product like a diamond is never easy: choosing size, shape, design of it with your affordance. However, that will be a very enjoyable and delightful time if you know characteristics a beautiful, brilliant and valuable genuine diamond bears.

1. Introduction

Every diamond is unique, no other ever exactly similar. However, it may look alike to the value of two diamonds because of very slight differences in inner and outer features as well as in color and cutting proportions.

How To Choose The Perfect Diamond?

Getting knowledge of the diamond language will bring your more vision of it. Let’s begin with 5 Cs-cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

1.1. CUT

In fact, cut defines two things: diamond shape (round, pear, marquise, oval, heart, princess, emerald, radiant, etc) and stone proportions. With perfect proportions, it reflects the light from facet to facet and the sparkle, brilliance, and fire of the stone.

1.2. COLOR

Diamond seems to look colorless. However, there are many subtle shades from colorless (D) to yellow or brown (Z). There is rarely colorless diamond which is the most valuable. Other gem quality stones seem to be colorless but still have a hint of color.


All diamonds seem to have both inner and outer features called inclusions and blemishes. They are infinitely small to be found without powerful magnification, some even are so small that great skills and time required to find out. In general, a diamond’s clarity and probably value is disposed of by the number, type, location, visibility, and color of their inclusions.


Like valuable ones, carat is the unit to measure a diamond’s weight or size. A one carat stone stands for one hundred smaller units called “points” in weight. Hence, a half one is equal to a fifty-point diamond for instance. The best way to determine a diamond’s value is carat weight, also basing on its cut, clarity and color quality.

1.5. COST

It is up to your savings and your need and purposes to choose a suitable one.

How To Choose The Perfect Diamond?

Moreover, diamond can be colored to reach a variety of hues. Extreme heat and irradiation permanently enhance certain innate color properties, allowing them to display their hues in more superb range. It can be clearly enhanced by utilizing special materials to fill the fracture of an included diamond.

2. Conclusion

These are some basic factors for you to have a flash reference before starting your new shopping journey.

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Good luck to you!

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